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Samosa Garden to Agra Restaurants - Hussein Bhupinder Nizar.

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Samosa Garden

Go back to 1993 when Hussein Hasham started Samosa Garden when Indian Restaurants were a novelty in Vancouver.

After 14 years he lost the lease due to change of ownership of the building. Hussein joined Bhupinder him in the year 2000 and started working from Agra Restaurant on Canada Way. Currently Agra Restaurant has become a chain of three restaurants. Nizar is the President of The Pastry Box, an Industrial Bakery in Coquitlam.

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Chicken Tikka sandwich with mildly spiced tomato sauce and salad


Awadhi (Lucknowi) Biriyani

Mildly spiced vege spring roles

Chicken Tikka sandwich with mildly spiced tomato sauce and salad

Mildly spiced vege spring roles


Awadhi ( Lucknowi ) Biriyani

Indigenous Intertwining

There are over 500 Inigeneous tribes spread over 28 states in India.

Their tight identity seem to be giving way to intertwining specifically globalizing in the areas of food, music, dances, sports, etc. While bulk of the Indians are still vegetarians, more and more and more specifically the younger generation are fast adopting the non-vege diet. Vegetarian or non-vege spices are vital to the Indians' meals as data indicates 70% of the world spices come from India. While traditional dances are recognized as the foundation, pop music seem to have taken and incorporated with the dances like bhangras has become popular all Over the world.

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